The company was established in 2001, employing up to 200 staff members. Our primary focus lies in kitchen accessories and bedroom cabinet fittings, encompassing items such as drawer slides, cabinet pull-out baskets, cabinet lighting, and bedroom cabinet pull-out solutions, among others. Under the banner of HAUSS, a proficient team is dedicated to crafting a champion brand. The company boasts a solid financial foundation, with operations spanning retail, wholesale, and engineering contracting.

Presently, our company is embracing the realm of online services, facilitating convenient orders for our kitchen and bedroom accessories. In our pursuit of superior product quality and service excellence, we have established a team of technical experts to conduct product inspections. This initiative ensures the highest quality and swift technical support for effective solutions.

In 2018, we expanded our offerings to include bathroom products, providing a comprehensive range of essential “home” components and accessories. Currently, our portfolio proudly presents three main brands: AIMER, SAVONA, and ZELIA, featuring a diverse array of toilet designs, sinks, faucets, and various bathroom accessories.

We have recently introduced online sales services, aiming to secure the trust and accolades of numerous customers through dedicated and high-quality service. Rooted in professionalism and attentive service, both in our online sales and retail endeavors, we prioritize user needs at the core. Our ambition is to reshape our corporate online image through a blend of professionalism and a steadfast dedication to delivering exceptional products.